May 27, 2024

The suggestion has been made for the Denver Broncos to pursue an All-Pro defender from their chief rival in free agency. In Week 8, the Broncos secured a dominant 24-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, breaking a 16-game losing streak against them. While the Broncos finished third in the AFC West behind the Chiefs, the win was seen as a positive step.

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The idea of the Broncos signing All-Pro defensive tackle Chris Jones from the Chiefs has been put forward by Lou Scataglia of Predominantly Orange. The suggestion is based on the belief that Jones might be priced off the Chiefs due to contract considerations, and the Broncos could benefit from his presence to enhance their defensive capabilities.

Scataglia notes in a January 24 article that Jones, who has won two Super Bowl rings with the Chiefs, may be inclined to pursue a lucrative contract at this stage in his career. Despite Denver’s limited cap space, avenues exist for them to create additional flexibility.

Chris Jones, a First-team All-Pro selection in 2022-23, has been a formidable force in his career, registering impressive statistics against the Broncos in 15 career games. Brad Spielberger of PFF ranks Jones as the top player set to hit free agency in 2024, highlighting his exceptional skills as an interior pass rusher and versatility to line up outside tackles.

While Jones could significantly bolster the Broncos’ defense, the financial aspect might pose a challenge. Denver currently ranks 28th in the NFL in cap space and has considerations related to the Russell Wilson situation that could influence their offseason decisions. Jones, with his outstanding track record, is expected to command a substantial contract, potentially reaching $30 million annually, as reported in July 2023.

The Broncos, facing financial constraints, would need to carefully consider their options and balance the desire for talent acquisition with fiscal responsibility. The potential addition of Jones to the Broncos roster, alongside Head Coach Sean Payton, could contribute to establishing a championship culture in Denver.

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