May 20, 2024

San Francisco 49ers’ tight end George Kittle discusses Brock Purdy’s performance in the divisional round, where the team secured a narrow victory over the Green Bay Packers. Despite Purdy playing a less-than-stellar game, Kittle praises his composure throughout the matchup. Kittle notes that Purdy exhibited strong leadership by addressing missed assignments and expressing himself to teammates during crucial moments in the game. According to Kittle, Purdy’s assertiveness was appreciated, and he emphasizes the importance of Purdy taking charge in such situations.

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When the team needed it most, Purdy stepped up and demonstrated success connecting with Kittle and creating opportunities for players like Jauan Jennings. While Purdy may not have displayed elite quarterback qualities, he effectively managed the game for the 49ers. Kittle describes a noticeable change in Purdy’s demeanor after expressing himself, stating that he began “cooking” right after such instances.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan’s strategic approach to placing quarterbacks in favorable situations was evident with Purdy in the postseason. Purdy benefited from having a reliable target in Christian McCaffrey and ample time to execute plays in Shanahan’s offensive scheme. Looking ahead to the NFC Championship, Kittle acknowledges the need for Purdy to elevate his performance, but for the moment, Purdy’s contributions were sufficient to advance to the next level.

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