May 19, 2024

Could the Bulls consider reintroducing the famed triangle offense? After Phil Jackson’s remarkable success with 11 championships utilizing this system, the triangle has fallen out of favor in the NBA’s current landscape, dominated by pick-and-roll strategies and floor spacing. However, the Bulls, with their somewhat old-school roster featuring iso-heavy wings like DeMar DeRozan and a versatile big man in Nikola Vucevic, might find success by reviving this offensive approach.

The Bulls and their Big Three: A grand idea that doesn't work - Chicago  Sun-Times

The triangle offense, known for its emphasis on spacing and ball movement, can be adapted to either a spread version akin to Golden State or a traditional version reminiscent of the 90s Bulls or early 2000s Lakers. Regardless of the variation, certain principles must be followed for the system to succeed.

Implementing the triangle could leverage the Bulls’ current roster strengths, particularly with DeRozan and Zach LaVine’s abilities to shoot mid-range and post-up. The system’s structured nature could provide consistency and cohesion to a Bulls team that sometimes lacks these qualities in their offensive schemes.

Running the triangle offense would offer Vucevic ample space in the high post and open up the strong side by strategically positioning players. DeRozan or LaVine could exploit mid-post opportunities, creating scoring chances either with mid-range shots or drives to the basket. The set’s predictability could benefit the Bulls, especially in terms of offensive consistency.

Furthermore, the triangle offense allows for various options if the ball cannot reach the post, such as swing passes triggering pinch post action or utilizing pick-and-roll plays with guards like Coby White or DeRozan. This movement and spacing on the weak side could generate quality looks and prevent opponents’ help defense from closing in too quickly.

If fully adopting the triangle seems challenging mid-season, integrating certain elements of the system could still enhance the Bulls’ offensive performance. This approach might be particularly effective given Chicago’s current roster, which may not align perfectly with a spread pick-and-roll offense due to their three-point shooting limitations.

In conclusion, the Bulls might benefit from a strategic shift by considering elements of the triangle offense. Even if only partially implemented, this could provide a fresh perspective and potentially elevate their offensive capabilities, especially considering the strengths of key players like DeRozan, LaVine, and Vucevic.

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