May 19, 2024

In the recent ‘Reacts’ poll, Chiefs’ fans express reluctance towards the idea of Bill Belichick joining the AFC West. The survey, conducted among the most engaged Kansas City Chiefs fans, reveals that a significant majority are not in favor of the legendary coach becoming part of their division. Following the Chiefs’ 26-7 Wild Card victory over the Miami Dolphins, marking the coldest game hosted by the franchise, fan confidence has surged to 85%. This confidence level is the highest since Week 8, just before the team suffered a setback with a 24-9 loss to the Denver Broncos.

Ranking: Chiefs fans some of least dedicated in NFL

The survey also captures the rollercoaster of fan sentiment, with confidence plummeting to 10% after the Chiefs’ 20-14 defeat by the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day. Speculation surrounded the retirement of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, older brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, following the Eagles’ 32-9 Wild Card loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night. However, uncertainty lingers as Kelce, speaking on the “New Heights” podcast, stated that he intentionally refrained from making a formal announcement despite media leaks.

Regarding the potential impact of Jason Kelce’s retirement on his brother’s plans, only one in five Kansas City fans believe it would influence Travis Kelce’s decisions. The Chiefs secured their eighth consecutive AFC West title in 2023, but some fans express a longing for more competitive division matchups. The speculation surrounding Bill Belichick, who became available in the job market, possibly landing with either the Los Angeles Chargers or Las Vegas Raiders, elicited mixed reactions. Less than a third of Kansas City fans find it appealing for Belichick to coach the Chargers, and recent reports of meetings with the Atlanta Falcons may render the speculation irrelevant.

While Chiefs fans exhibit increased confidence in their team, the broader NFL fanbase is not unanimously backing them in the upcoming matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Fans are favoring the Bills to win the Sunday night matchup, possibly influenced by the fact that it marks Patrick Mahomes’ first postseason road game. Additionally, two-thirds of NFL fans predict that the Baltimore Ravens will not only triumph in the Divisional Round but will proceed to beat the Bills in the AFC Championship, earning the right to represent the conference at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

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