May 20, 2024

“Should the Yankees Pursue Hector Neris in Free Agency? | Assessment and Forecast”

Reports suggest that the New York Yankees are considering the possibility of signing seasoned reliever Hector Neris in the upcoming free agency. While the Yankees boast the best bullpen in the league from the previous season, there is speculation about whether bolstering this position should be a priority for them this winter.

Yankees & Rangers "Potential Frontrunners" to Sign Hector Neris -


Despite leading with a 3.34 reliever ERA last year, the Yankees have made moves to address pitching staff gaps created by trades and free agency departures. The focus, however, has primarily been on reinforcing the lineup and rotation. Now, as spring training approaches, the Yankees are contemplating acquiring a high-profile reliever, marking a departure from their previous signings of depth players.

According to Mark Feinsand of, the Yankees and the World Series champion Rangers are potential frontrunners in the pursuit of right-hander Hector Neris. The 34-year-old declined a player option with the Houston Astros, testing the open market after an impressive season.

The article examines both sides of the argument regarding whether the Yankees should sign Hector Neris. On the positive side, Neris showcased brilliance in 2023, boasting a career-best 1.71 ERA over 71 games. His consistent effectiveness and durability make him an attractive addition to any pitching staff. On the flip side, concerns arise from his declining velocity, increased walk rate, and a drop in ground ball percentage.

Despite Neris being predicted to command a contract worth $15 million over two years, making him the highest-paid pitcher in the bullpen, the article predicts that the Yankees will ultimately decide against signing him. Instead, it anticipates the Astros, facing a need for bullpen reinforcements after losing Kendall Graveman to shoulder surgery, to make a more enticing offer to secure Neris.

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