May 22, 2024

Here are five key points to recall about the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls before they enter the Ring of Honor:

  1. Unprecedented Success: The ’95-’96 Bulls epitomized triumph, securing 72 regular-season wins, surpassing previous records. They culminated their dominance with a fourth NBA title, solidifying their place in history.
  2. Jordan’s Resurgence: Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA was nothing short of legendary. Sweeping MVP titles, he showcased his unparalleled skills, sealing his legacy with a Finals MVP performance.
  3. Rodman’s Rebounding Prowess: Dennis Rodman’s arrival infused the Bulls with an unmatched intensity on the boards. His fifth consecutive rebounding title and pivotal role in critical games secured their victories.
  4. Kukoč’s Impact: Toni Kukoč’s emergence as the Sixth Man of the Year underscored his crucial role off the bench. Despite adapting to lineup changes, his contributions were pivotal to the team’s success.
  5. Unwavering Fan Support: The Bulls’ electrifying season was matched by unwavering fan enthusiasm, demonstrated by the 437-game home sellout streak. This fervor propelled them through a historic championship run.

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