May 19, 2024

Liverpool is eyeing a potential €90 million deal for Rafael Leao, seeing him as the ideal addition to enhance Jurgen Klopp’s attacking force. With uncertainties surrounding Mohamed Salah’s future and his temporary absence due to AFCON, the club is exploring options to fortify their offensive lineup. Diogo Jota’s return might alleviate concerns, but Liverpool remains open to securing top-tier forwards.

Recent reports link Liverpool to several players like Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, Federico Chiesa, and Kenan Yildiz. Journalist Francois Plateau suggests Liverpool holds strong interest in AC Milan’s Raphael Leao, considering him the perfect successor to Sadio Mané. Plateau mentions a potential swap involving Luis Díaz plus cash for Leao, echoing earlier rumors from March 2023 reported by the Mirror.

While Leao’s talent is undeniable, the timing for moving Diaz seems premature. Despite Diaz’s lower goal output and injury in 2022, undergoing surgery, it’s important to allow him the time needed to regain top form.

Diaz has expressed admiration for FC Barcelona, even referring to it as his dream destination. However, his commitment and appreciation for Porto and Liverpool have been evident, emphasizing his discipline, dedication, and ease in winning over fans. His father acknowledged that a move to Barcelona, a top-tier global team, aligns with Luis’s aspirations.

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