July 18, 2024

Mikal Bridges reacts to Nets-Knicks trade finally becoming official

The New York Knicks recently made headlines by trading for Brooklyn Nets guard/forward Mikal Bridges, offering a substantial package that included the equivalent of five future first-round picks. Despite Bridges never having made an All-Star team, the Knicks are going all-in, reuniting him with former Villanova teammates Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, and Donte DiVincenzo. This trade had been speculated for some time due to the Villanova connection and the Knicks’ need for additional pieces to compete in the Eastern Conference. Now that the trade is official, Bridges appears to be the happiest about it.

Bridges expressed his gratitude on X (formerly Twitter), responding to the Knicks’ welcome post with a simple “Thank you” accompanied by orange and blue hearts. Additionally, he changed his profile picture to an image of himself and Brunson at a Team USA scrimmage, as noted by Erik Slater of ClutchPoints. Clearly, Bridges is excited about joining the Knicks, a team with significant potential.

What is the Knicks’ ceiling? While the Boston Celtics are still considered the top team in the Eastern Conference, the Knicks could potentially compete with teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks, positioning themselves just below the reigning NBA champions. Similar to the Celtics, the Knicks’ starting lineup now boasts multiple two-way wings who excel in defense, three-point shooting, and ball handling. The integration of Julius Randle, who tends to play isolation basketball, and how Jalen Brunson adapts to a more powerful offense will be crucial.

Five takeaways from blockbuster Mikal Bridges to Knicks trade - NBC Sports



The key difference between the Celtics and Knicks lies at the center position. Mitchell Robinson is a superior defender compared to Kristaps Porzingis, but Porzingis offers better rim protection and offensive skills, giving the Celtics an overall advantage. However, if the Knicks can maintain their health, the 2024-25 season could potentially be their most successful in years.

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